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You’ve learned about GTA 5, so now you’re looking for ways to get your money quickly. That’s why this GTA 5 Money Guide was created. There are several ways to quickly get money from the simple to the complicated, time-consuming and complicated game. Below is a list that will make it easier for you to get more money. If you do not feel like carrying out missions and other actions, use GTA 5 Money Glitch.

Kill the passer-by

kill the passer-by

The fastest way to make money. By killing a passer-by, you have the option of taking cash which he had in his pocket. It is a good idea to attack people who have used an ATM before. They have much more money at the time. Remember that you risk chasing the police who will not be happy with your behavior. And the time you devote to losing the pursuit could be used to look for, for example, collector’s items.

Set out on missions

set out on missions

This is the primary way to earn GTA 5 Money. Missions that we can meet in the game are mainly robberies and thefts. It is quite a time-consuming method, but it is easy and worth recommending. Tasks that you can employ for the duration of the mission can help you. Think carefully whether it is worth choosing a person with high skills, but a road that is poor and cheap. I always preferred those better educated.

Collect collectibles

collect collectibles

There are hidden collectibles on the entire GTA 5 map. You can collect them and thus earn some GTA 5 Money. These include accessories for spacecraft, parcels, letters, and parts for submarines. In the game, you will find missions to help you identify items. Another tip is Chop. He has a unique skill that makes it easier to find places worth searching. It’s worth adding that you can get every item in a separate character. There are three heroes in GTA 5, and each of them you can visit this place and pick up a collector’s item.

Buy a property

buy a property

In GTA 5, you can purchase a significant amount of real estate that brings profits in the form of money. Once purchased, your business or activity will earn you money until the end of the game. It is the best investment because it does not require a lot of time, just enough cash. In GTA 5, you can purchase ownership of, among others Golf Course, Cinema, Shop, Scrap Yard, Night Club.

Start in races

start in races

You can take part in various sports in GTA 5. These are races on water, on the street and off-road respectively. Each character is associated with a different type of racing. Remember to take care of the hero’s preparation before the start, because you will have to pay a fee when signing up for the participation. This is a very good way to get GTA 5 Money.

Rob the car

rob the car

In the world of GTA 5, you can meet armored cars with cash. Often you will see them near the gas stations. Get closer to the vehicle and shoot the back door. A large bag of money will fall out of them. Watch out for bodyguards who will defend themselves and kill you. As in other cases of breaking the law, this time the chase of the police with a helicopter will start.

Play on the stock market

play on the stock market

The creators of Grand Theft Auto wanted the world presented in the game to be very real, that’s why they introduced the stock exchange. You can invest the accumulated money on it and profit from share increases. There are two exchanges in the game: BAWSAQ and LCN.
  • LCN is associated with role-playing missions, which is why it is predictable. By investing in the right moment, we can get a lot of money.
  • BAWSAQ is dependent on all players in GTA 5 Online, so it’s more complicated.
Invest three characters in the stock market and make GTA 5 Money.

Attack the store

attack the store

It’s strange if Grand Theft Auto 5 would not give such an opportunity. All you need to do is visit your hero shop or petrol station and point the pistol at the seller. He will immediately start to withdraw GTA 5 Money from the cash register and give it to you. Remember that you must be prepared for a police chase that directly receives a report. This is the easiest way to get cash.